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Zend Studio Professional is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for professional PHP developers. Through a comprehensive set of editing, debugging, analysis and optimization tools, Zend Studio 5 Professional aims to speed development cycles and simplify complex projects.

Highlights of the package include:

Simplify web database application development

Connect to the most prevalent SQL servers, including IBM DB2/Coudscape/Derby, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server. Use Zend Query Editor to execute queries on connected servers. Connect live to several servers simultaneously. View database structures and manage content with Zend SQL Explorer.

Speed up development time

Zend Snippets Explorer lets you organize, view, and add utility functions and code samples. Connect automatically to the Zend hosted code Gallery where you can select, download, rate or upload additional Code Snippets.

Work smarter

The new Zend PHP Code Inspector manages the inspection of databases, in addition to function, classes, variables, function calls, variable usage, etc. This is designed to make sure that your applications run more smoothly with less revisions needed.

Take control of your code

The standard in PHP documentation is integrated within Zend Studio 5. It includes PhpDoc wizards and functionality allowing you to automatically add PHPDoc comments to files, classes, functions, constants and more.

Powerful debugger

Advanced debugging features include conditional breakpoints, stack trace view, advanced watches, variables and output buffer. Debug and profile your code directly from your browser with One-Click Browser Debugging.

Work as a team

The application allows you to colloborate more effectively with other developers in your team, managing your source code effectively with tight CVS integration that allows you to perform CVS operations directly from within Zend Studio 5.

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Zend Studio Professional


Zend Studio Professional 9.0.2

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